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Special Interest

LadyBee Publishing is proud to announce that not one, but two of our titles from the wonderful Koos Verkaik are Finalists at the EPIC eBooks Awards.

* * * * * *

“Ludo! Ludo! Have you heard the news?

There’s something going on in one of the lands of human beings…

They call it Canada…”

“Canada? Well… and what’s going on there, bee?”

“Let me explain it, friends.

There’s a new publishing company now, called LadyBee.

Mrs. PENNY ADAMS will make us all very famous!

So be nice, you Downhillers, and congratulate her! Right now, you hear?”


We will follow you, wherever you go! New adventures, new chances….”

“I will never forget: October 31, 2013… the launching of the new publishing company LadyBee… Party time, friends! We’ll meet in the Monster Inn!”


Ludo the wolpertinger, Alex, Princess Barbara, Spark the Daredragon, Uncle Balloon, Whisper the weasel, Boohoo the bat, Ruff Rumble, Princess Bluff, Heros the hare, Waldo the wood mouse, Koos Verkaik and all your friends from the Monster Inn!