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The Dragon Garden by Koos Verkaik

King Clover and his sons are at their at their wit’s end. An enormous army is coming up towards Cloverland! Francis Fray the First is determined to conquer Cloverland…

This is a disaster! What has to happen now?

Of course little Alex comes up with a plan.

Together with his best friend, Ludo the wolpertinger, he goes back to the mysterious Downhills to collect a great number of dangerous monsters and dragons! 

Castle Robber’s Nest is changed into a gigantic dragon garden!

Will Alex be able to give King Francis Fray and his army of giants the fright of their life?

Just imagine… dragons higher than the highest tower of a castle, ugly monsters the size of a barn… Who wouldn’t take flight for such a terrifying pack of creatures?

Together with the wolpertinger, brave Alex solves all problems again…