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Darkling 2: The Dragon and The Prince by J.R. Kennedy

Raemon has been betrayed. His entire life he had been told that a demon had been placed inside him by the gods; that he was meant to live a life of austerity and confinement, so that the demon could never break free.

It was all a lie. Now he knows that his family is in danger. 

Back at Heartstone, where all of his family has been imprisoned, the Brotherhood of the Gate are keeping watch. What they want from the Repentors, Raemon doesn't know. He only knows they are in danger.

With Raemon gone, his companion Prince Erland is lost. Alone in the northern kingdom of Belak, knowing if he returns home, he will be killed, Erland decides to remain in the north. That decision changes, when he is kidnapped by the women who were sent to kill him.


Erland laughed caustically. “You would say that, you’ve killed for gold, haven’t you? Money is not a cause, it’s a result.”

Shadows eyes narrowed briefly.

“What, then?” she asked. That Erland no longer feared them was a little surprising, but they had already told him that they were not going to kill him. What was more perplexing was the familiarity with which he spoke.

Erland mimicked her, narrowing his eyes, then smiled, “Selfishness. People want to have things that other people don’t possess. It’s part of our nature. Everyone wants to be better than everyone else. I can accept that from people. What I cannot accept is the selfishness of a god.” Erland turned away. 
“Kill me now. Get paid.” Erland said miserably.

“Terra was never selfish.” Shadow said angrily, stepping closer.

“You weren’t there!” Erland raised his voice menacingly.

“She told us what she told you. I didn’t hear a thing that could be called selfish. She was afraid, yes, but not selfish.”

Erland picked up a stone and threw it at Mirror. Mirror caught it and threw it back. Erland ducked the projectile.

“Action and reaction!” He laughed, his eyes rolling back, “We may never understand it, but everything’s connected. I throw a stone, I make you mad. There’s that word again!” The unhealthy laughter continued. “A god refused to help me. My reaction? I wish I were dead.”

“She didn’t refuse to help you, she asked you to help her!” Shadow’s brow knit with confusion as her voice raise in anger.

“You didn’t ask her for anything.” Mirror added.

Erland’s laugh trailed away. “She told me that I wasn’t insane.”

“And that’s somehow a bad thing?”

“She lied,” Erland spat. “She wouldn’t fix what’s wrong with me.”