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The Elf Who Stole the North Wind by Cynthia MacGregor

A mischievous elf nearly ruins Christmas for everyone with his practical jokes. Will Santa have the last laugh and finally get the best of trickster elf Pesterly?


A little while later, as Santa was continuing to work on figuring out the route he would take this year, Pesterly opened the door from the workshop and walked over to Santa’s desk.

“Want to see something?” he asked. “Bodkins has me working on little squeaky toys for babies. He said as long as I was used to working around rabbits and chickens, I might like working on animal toys. See this one; it’s a mouse. It squeaks when you squeeze it. I brought it for you to see.”

Santa took the toy mouse from Pesterly and squeezed it. He expected to hear it squeak. Instead, water squirted into his face!

Pesterly laughed very hard as Santa reached for his handkerchief. He laughed some more as Santa mopped his soaked face and dabbed at the water that had splashed down to his desk. 

Something small and round had fallen out of Santa’s pocket when he pulled out the handkerchief. Pesterly looked at it. “What’s that?” he asked.

“That’s to cover Rudolph’s nose with when we’re just driving around locally. The last time we went into town, all the other drivers thought it was a stop light. We held up traffic for quite some time while he was parked. Now I have to cover his nose whenever we go into town, unless it's foggy and I really need his nose to see by.” He dabbed at his face again, but by now his handkerchief was pretty wet.

Pesterly pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and thrust it toward Santa. “Here,” he offered. “Use mine.”

Santa took it and started to dry his face with it, but immediately he began sneezing. Ahh-CHOOOO! Ah-CHOOOO! Ah-CHOOOO! Ah-CHOOO!”

Pesterly grinned. “Just a little joke, Santa. It’s pepper,” he said.

Santa didn’t think it was funny. “That’s two so-called jokes within the first fifteen minutes after I hired you. I don’t like practical jokes, and I don’t want you pulling any more of your pranks.”

Pesterly was still grinning, but he said, “I’m sorry, Santa, I won’t do it again.” Then he turned and went out the door to the workshop.