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The Darkling: Away From The Heartstone by J.R. Kennedy

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Repentors are children that are sent to the Heartstone, to have demons in them sealed, by cutting out the mark. Raemon's mark returns, no matter what the Brotherhood does to try to seal it. He sets out to find a goddess to heal him, meets up with a mad prince along the way and finds out that his entire life was a lie. Now he must try to save the world before chaos ensues.


At first, Prince Erland assumed that the assassins were simply very bad at their jobs. They couldn't seem to find him, despite the fact that there were very few places he could hide in the small room. He later realized that it was not that they were stupid, but that he could turn himself invisible, confusing them and keeping himself alive. He'd learned this skill in a faraway place, as he recalled, or perhaps he had only dreamed it. He really wasn't sure anymore.

Aside from the assassins, life , locked in the tower wasn't too bad. Meals were brought to him, he had a spectacular view of Zyana, and he was always learning new things. Things like how there were four thousand, five hundred and twenty two blocks of stone, used in the construction of his room, or how he could juggle up to five books, seven if he tied strings around them to keep them closed. Having enjoyed a breakfast of porridge which tasted delightfully bland, and apple juice which was poisoned, most likely tampered with by the assassins, he was now patiently awaiting his next visitor. There was always someone coming to see him, and why not? He was the prince.

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