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Elephant Symphony by Nikki Noffsinger

Now in Print!


In the first of the Call for the Wild series, LadyBee publishing is proud to present this book, about a little elephant named Azizi who finds out why his kind are dwindling. Azizi hears the stories of celestial elephants and how the herds are hunted. Then he gets a visit from a very special elephant that shows Azizi the answers he needs to know and how not all humans are bad. 


“The two legs known as Man came and hunted our people. They stole our long tusks and stole our calves. They enslaved our people; shackled them in irons. They destroyed our kind until our great numbers dwindled. They drove us from our beloved Grasslands and peaceful jungles. They ran us out of mountains in fear.” His voice sent shivers up and down Azizi.

Azizi’s mother and the rest of the female African Elephants raised their trunks and let out a mournful cry. It was sad and a lonely sound. Azizi looked at the star elephants and they looked as if tears spilled from their eyes. He saw scenes of the two legs; the humans taking great whips and beating them, taking their fire sticks and killing some, and ripping calves away from mothers. Azizi didn’t want to look anymore.

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