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Alex and the Wolpertinger: The Land of Fringe by Koos Verkaik

Ludo gets trapped in a cage and offered as a present to the new king of The Land of Fringe. Wolpertingers are not meant to be locked up and Ludo begins to fade fast. Can clever Alex think of a way to save his friend, not to mention the giants he is with, as they too become imprisoned? Check it out as this wonderful adventure continues.


“Stay right there,” warned the rat catcher. “Don’t think for a second, that I will let the wolpertinger go. I’m much too proud that I finally have managed to catch one.”

He was wearing woolen socks as well, which reached up to his knees.

“I am Princess Barbara, daughter of the fearless robber knight Rusty Iron, who put a crown on his head and became a king! I order you to unlock the cage and set Ludo free!”

“I am Ratty Ray, rat catcher, son of a rat catcher whose father was a rat catcher, too. I don’t listen to what princesses’ demand, for I obey the king of Cloverland, and he has told me to watch over this wolpertinger. And now beat it, both of you!”

We slunk away on our socks. We were not able to help Ludo. On the other hand I was glad that I had been able to see him again and to learn that he was here in the castle as well. We went back to the knights’ hall. Not a piece of furniture was still whole there. Even the big table had been turned over, and two of its wooden legs were broken. The giants sat on the marble floor with their backs against the wall. Each had a plate on his or her lap, and on each plate was a piece of bread and some little carrots.

Only Count Wigglewig enjoyed his dinner....

“Alex!” wailed Bombardon. “This is no meal for a giant kid, is it?”

“Our carts are standing in the inner court!” said I. “There’s plenty to eat and drink on them. Why doesn’t everybody go outside?”

The giants jumped to their feet. The dishes fell into pieces on the marble floor. They slid outside on their socks, and I followed them to see if I could make a fire in the inner court and hang some kettles above it.

Late that night, by the light of candles and torches, the Cloverlanders ate their fill and became merry from the ale. Count Wigglewig came to take a look and said: “My cupboards, tables, and thrones are broken; my glasses and plates are lying in pieces on the floor! This has gone too far! You are a bunch of boorish guests, and now I’m mad! I challenge one of you to a duel!”

“A nice scuffle?” laughed Prince Dozen, the strongest giant of Cloverland. “What a splendid idea, Count! I take up the challenge.”