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Every Kid Has Their Day by Nikki Noffsinger


The Scary, Awful, Horrible, And Sticky First Day Of School Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!

The Complaining Day

What Is A Bully?

Me and My ADHD

This book is a collection of 4 stories. I tried to tell each of them through the eyes of a child. In Me and My ADHD, the little boy is giving very visual descriptions of what his brain is like. When my son was having it explained to him, the doctor showed him a model of a brain but it looked like a road atlas with little miniature cars crowding it going to and from. In How To Handle A Bully, Tony describes his bully’s a little over exaggerated and even gives some pretty silly descriptions of the types of bullies Mikey might find at his new school. In The Complaining Day, all kids sometimes just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Erin’s day starts with falling out of her bed, chewing gum being stuck in her hair, unable to find her favorite shirt, a brother that has eaten the last of her favorite cereal, and by the end of the story, Grandma makes the day into a better day. In the last story, Charlie is a big boy who is off to his first day of Kindergarten and he not only hates it but is terrified of it. Everywhere he sees scary things. How many times have we seen kids or even our own just burst into tears over the fear of their first day of school? That is what I drew on for his story.