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Pumpkinstein by Clark Mitchell

This illustrated book tells the tale of how a little alien crashes to Earth and manages to blend in, on Halloween night. His presence and subsequent departure, create a bit of a stir, and creates a new Halloween legend. He is a a green space alien from Alpha Centauri, named Stein, that crash lands on planet earth Halloween night. Knowing how frightened earthlings are of aliens, Stein cleverly disguises himself and blends into the Halloween night festivities. Stein goes house to house, trick or treating with the little earthlings, looking for parts to fix his broken space ship. At the last house in town, an elderly man with a gleam in his eyes and a knowing smile, opens the door and gives Stein a shiny red box of Candybots. Stein has what he needs, however his mysterious departure leaves people questioning as to just who he was. And so begins the Legend of Pumpkinstein.