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What Will Happen If I Tell? by Cynthia MacGregor

WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF I TELL? encourages kids to speak out if anyone is abusing them in any manner - physically, sexually, emotionally... Since parents can't be at their child's side 24/7, they can't know what's happening to the child when he or she is out of the parent's sight. A teacher or daycare provider, a relative, anyone could be abusing the child and cautioning him or her not to tell. An important book for all parents to give their young children.


It was lunchtime, and the kids were in the school playground. Jeff aimed a snowball at Lynda. He threw as hard as he could. But the snowball missed her without her even ducking. Jeff had never learned to throw very well. Lynda laughed. Jeff laughed too. So did Bryan, who was walking past. 

“Ha ha, you’re a doofus!” he called out. Then he added, “You’re a loser, Jeff. You can’t throw, can’t throw, can’t throw!” He was singsonging it.

“Well, so what?!” Jeff said.

Then Bryan called Jeff a few worse names. Meaner names. Really nasty names.

“Hey, don’t say that,” Lynda told him. “You shouldn’t call people names like that.”

“Awww, it’s no big deal,” Bryan said. “My uncle calls me those names all the time.”

Jeff looked surprised.

“Do you like it when he calls you those names?” Lynda asked.

“It doesn’t matter.” Bryan said. But he didn’t sound like he meant it. Then he walked away. 

“He should tell someone,” Lynda said to Jeff.

“Tell on his uncle?” Jeff said, looking shocked. “I don’t think so!”