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Camille Miles, Private Eye by Terry Coffey


Camille Miles may only be 10 years old, but she's already running a successful neighborhood private detective business out of her tree house. She is kept busy solving mysteries thanks to the schemes of her arch-enemy, the high and mighty Sarah. When Sarah isn't trying to scam the neighborhood kids out of their allowance money, she's trying to discredit Camille and drive her out of business. But whether trapped in a locked closet or faced with an insidious villain, Camille always comes out on top, thanks to her powers of observation and quick thinking!

Brief excerpt:

From The Mystery of the Secret Room (Part 2): “Slowly she pulled the door open. The sounded of the creaking hinges echoed around the empty room. Camille pointed her flashlight and, along with Harry, peered inside the closet. It was about six feet wide, eight feet deep and was covered by the same wallpaper as the bedroom. It was also empty except for a bunch of wood boards stacked up against the back wall.

“Just then there were quick footsteps behind them. Something shoved them both into the closet, and the door slammed behind them. Outside, they heard a key turning in the lock. Camille tried the knob, but to no avail. She and Harry were trapped inside the closet!”

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