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Alex and the Wolpertinger: The Monster Inn by Koos Verkaik

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Never trust a wolpertinger! For wolpertingers only give you troubles!

Wolpertingers come from the mysterious Downhills, where also monsters and dragons live. They scare you and they make a fool out of you, they want to tease you and they play all kinds of tricks with you.

Don’t be mistaken about wolpertingers! They are small, but stronger than a bear and they can eat and drink more than a giant. When you ever see a wolpertinger… you better fly!

Still, once, a long time ago, there was a boy who made friends with a wolpertinger.

That was Alex, the boy from the Alps, who lived in the land of the giant king Clover and traveled through the Downhills – together with Ludo the wolpertinger.

The human child and the wolpertinger were inseparable and experienced the most marvellous adventures…


“…a real master in his genre, wherein the reader gets taken along on a journey through time! A fantastic and spectacular intrigue; Koos Verkaik can hold his own with the best foreign names in this field!” - A.P. MAGAZINE

“The Dutch Stephen King, that's the best compliment we can give horror writer Koos Verkaik from Zoetermeer. With his novels he fills a gap in the market - he is writing original fantasy and horror. Finally the reader doesn't get badly translated English, but a fresh, almost literary Dutch. Verkaik has a personal, original style!” - AKTUEEL MAN EZINE

“Verkaik is always flirting with the paranormal. The tight, balanced style of his works give away his great craftsmanship. Koos Verkaik is called the Dutch Stephen King. Where productivity is concerned, this is right, but where his work is concerned I think that Koos is just himself and that is quite a lot!” – PENTHOUSE MAGAZINE (EUROPE)

“His style is characterized by a direct use of language and a high speed. His stories are written with virtuosity!” - THE LIBRARY

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